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The social center

About us
Our location
Organizational Structure
Photographic record of events occuring in 2003


Activities 2004

Adaption at a distance
Yoga classes
Festival of the woman
Bocce Tournament
Chestnut Festival
Photographic exhibition


 Saliano Special

Notes on Saliano
Parish of SS Rosario
Celebration of the Rosary
Year end festivities
Tradition and folklore
Saliano in winter
Images of Autumn


Foto ricordo

Special photo
Children class photo
Gallery of  personalities
Memories in black and white
Visit to the Santuary of San Francesco di Paola
First of May celebration


Section on the  Sila

Sila: geography and climate; history and leterature; current images;
History of banditry in the Sila


The territory: the valley of Savuto in the  Province of Cosenza

Rogliano and the  Valley of Savuto
The Savuto river
Speculations on the history of Rogliano and the Savuto
Cultural and historical resources of the province of Cosenza
Social and economic development in the  Province of Cosenza
Industrial area of Piano Lago
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Current events

June 2004: PRC Festivities
2004 provincial election result
Article on the dispute Polti Sud


Useful info

609 bus timatable
Train timetable FS Rogliano - Cosenza
Local news on line
Topography of Saliano
How to get Rogliano and Saliano
GPS Coordinates for  S